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At the forefront of technology, DOMA is constantly innovating and implementing the latest methodologies and technologies so our customers don’t have to spend unnecessary time and effort.

Intelligent automation is a key factor in all of our solutions. Nowhere is this more evident in than in our DOMA Experience (DX) software platform, which employs, backend processing, workflow automation, and application programming interfacing.

Intelligent Automation

We Bring Businesses into the Future

We assist federal agencies, education institutions, healthcare organizations, and commercial businesses to embrace intelligent automation. We do this not only to take advantage of the changes in the digital landscape but to help them remain one step ahead in the competitive marketplace.  With the introduction of machines and artificial intelligence (AI) into the workforce, DOMA is constantly developing new ways to help our clients perform new jobs and reinvent the impossible.

We offer a range of Intelligent Automation Services:

  • Business Process Engineering (BPE)
  • Workflow Automation
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Back End Processes (BEP’s)
  • Application Enabling (AE)
  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • Amazon Rekognition

Powered by Amazon Web Services



Clear Capture is a service that automatically extracts text and data from scanned documents. Our technology uses machine learning to instantly “read” virtually any type of document to accurately extract text and data without the need for any manual effort or custom code.

  • Automatic Detection: Automatically detects a document’s layout and the key elements on the page, understands the data relationships in any embedded forms or tables, and extracts everything with its context intact.
  • Deploy AI Quickly: Pre-trained machine learning models eliminate the need to write code for data extraction.
  • Optical Character Recognition: OCR offers structured data extraction (forms and tables). Machine printed words can be enabled to be fully searchable within your documents


    DOMA’s global comprehension is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in a text. No machine learning experience required.

    • Clarify Your Data: Uses machine learning to help you uncover the insights and relationships in your unstructured data.
    • Identifies the language of the text
    • Extracts key phrases, places, people, brands, or events
    • Understands how positive or negative the text is
    • Analyzestext using tokenization and parts of speech
    • Automatically organizes a collection of text files by topic.

    Medical Data: Identify medical information, such as medical conditions, medications, dosages, strengths, and frequencies from a variety of sources like doctor’s notes, clinical trial reports, and patient health records. Amazon Comprehend Medical also identifies the relationship among the extracted medication and test, treatment and procedure information for easier analysis.


    Intuitive identification is based on proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology developed by Amazon’s computer vision scientists to analyze billions of images and videos daily, and requires no machine learning expertise to use. Our technology is always learning from new data; AWS is continually adding new labels and facial recognition features to the service we provide.

    • Object, scene, and activity: Identify attributes from a photo (person, rock, crest, outdoors)
    • Facial Recognition: Identify distinct individuals from a photo (Pat, Ian, Sam)
    • Facial Analysis: Identify attributes from a face (female, happy, smiling, eyes open)
    • Pathing: Captures path of people in a video (tracking football players during a game)
    • Unsafe content detection: Identify inappropriate content (violence, pornography)
    • Celebrity Recognition: Quickly identify well-known individuals
    • Text in Images: Text detection from real-world images (photos, not documents)


    Understanding Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a part of developing effective intelligent automation. AI is the field of computer science dedicated to solving cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence such as learning, problem-solving, and pattern recognition.

    Types of AI:

    • Machine Learning: Based on statistics and probability. In this form of AI, it learns from and makes predictions based on recorded data to optimize a given utility function.
    • Deep Learning: Based on neuroscience, network computation. Deep learning algorithms are layered to get a greater understanding of the data.
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Natural Language Processing (NLP) service uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in textual data.


    Work Faster, Work Smarter

    DOMA believes that Intelligent Automation has the power to make things simpler and faster.  By utilizing software technologies inside the business process, intelligent automation has expanded the scope of what truly can be accomplished. 

    Through research and development, leveraging our internal expertise, partnerships, and industry subject matter experts, we apply a combination of our technologies and Amazon Web Services offerings to optimize client outcomes.

    Contact us to Learn More:

    Digital Solutions: 757.302.8891



    About Us

    Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA ‘s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.
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