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Real World Commercial Business Solutions that


Apply innovative solutions to improve commercial business processes or deploy our content service platform to centrally manage content.


Enterprise Data and Document Management

  • Document Conversion and Scanning
  • Centralized Processing Facility
  • Auto Classification and Indexing
  • Data and Document Workflow
  • Data Ingest and Exchange

Software Platform Features

  • Highly configurable and rapidly deployed software solution powered by the AWS Cloud
  • Capability to centrally manage hard copy and digital content from a variety of sources
  • Data exchange through sFTP/FTP, API calls, EDI transactions, as well as ingest and/or export of data and documents
  • Automated workflows and triggers for document viewing, reviewing, and reporting


The hospitality sector has people at its core. The need to manage large volumes of both staff members and customers while still providing exceptional service is not made any easier by paper filing. DOMA can help make your content management easier through the use of our DX software. With DOMA your team can manage HR records, background checks, payroll documentation and more within a secure cloud portal. Advanced document search means your personnel can access important information in seconds ensuring your operations remain streamlined. 


MGM International | Caesars Resorts


Energy companies often work across large geographic areas, making physical records keeping systems less than efficient. Break free from paper filing and experience the increased productivity and savings offered by DOMA’s digital and cloud services. Access all of your information in a secure repository and eliminate the need for paper records surrounding planning, contracts, service delivery, invoicing, meter verification, and maintenance. With our configurable software see a quick return on investment across every area of your organization.


NRG Energy | Dominion Energy


Financial Institutions like wealth management, investment services, mortgage, and brokerage firms face unique challenges like document retention policies and compliance with regulatory law. With the ability to audit file activity, control access, and recover data in the event of a disaster DOMA’s software and services can give your institution peace of mind and improve your compliance. Our DX software has a variety of features that can speed up your workflow in today’s data-centric environment. DOMA DX offers electronic forms capture, barcode reading, document merge, and Rest API integration all within a highly secure AWS environment. 


Tidewater Financial Company | TowneBank | Financial Security Group | Mythics


Real estate, title, and property management companies handle a massive influx of documents every year. Between applications, leases, contracts, loan agreements, affidavits, financials and more it can be a real challenge to ensure quick access to the appropriate documents and ensure they are trackable. DOMA’s digital services can transform massive caches of paper files into fully text-searchable documents. Decrease the time and effort required to retrieve data or paperwork while freeing up valuable office space at the same time. DOMA provides operational benefits such as helping your organization provide high-quality client services while lowering your operation expenses by enabling authorized users to access documents instantly regardless of department or location.


Harvey Lindsay | STA Title & Escrow | Avalon Bay Leasing


Staffing professionals are often inundated with administrative duties and inefficient paper records systems with masses of files and folders that can add to their burden. DOMA helps staffing agencies and human resources departments go paperless with secure scanning and our DOMA DX software platform. After legacy records have been digitized, new documents can be securely uploaded via traditional scanners, our Outlook plugin, a secure SFTP, or our online portal with ease. Administrators can assign access to specific secure accessible documents ensuring that information from resumes, personnel files, and payroll remains protected. 


KFORCE Professional Staffing Agency | Integrity Staffing Services | Administrative Consultant Services LLC


DOMA has considerable experience helping non-profits tackle the challenges of records and information management on a budget. With a transaction-based pricing model that doesn’t depend on licenses, DOMA’s DX software platform is easily scaled across multiple departments to meet your needs as your organization grows. Additionally, our cloud software has been deployed by nonprofits such as Eggleston and Opportunity Village as a tool to help create jobs for individuals with disabilities. 


Opportunity Village | Work Services Corp | Eggleston Services | Independent Capacity System | The Up Center | Linden Resources | DSI


Increase efficiency in your law practice with DOMA’s digital services and DX Software. Through the DOMA DX platform, you can manage cases, clients, bills, and evidence all in one secure cloud repository. For backlogs of critical records, DOMA offers government compliant scanning services that allow for full-text searchability, forms capture, and more to reduce liability.


Saeed and Little | Law Firm of Ann Griboff ES


Manufacturing companies face a daily challenge in finding and distributing critical documents to key vendors, customers, and internal personnel. With DOMA’s DX software you can easily maintain accurate records. Manage information throughout a product’s lifecycle, ensuring that you can easily locate, view, and markup the latest version of a document. Additionally, you can rest assured your proprietary information remains safe in our highly secure cloud platform. Our software and services replace inadequate network drives and file share programs. With DOMA you can control who accesses, views, and downloads data from the platform. As a result of managed access, widespread collaboration is possible across multiple departments. 


STIHL | Liebherr Group | Haynes Furniture | Priority Auto Group


DOMA has specialized scanning capabilities for construction, architecture, and engineering firms. We can capture and digitize large format engineering drawings, full-color renderings, design basis reports, instrumentation diagrams, and more. With our DX software, it’s easy to track approvals, submissions, and changes in real-time across different roles and departments.


Ockerman Automation Consulting | Paramount Builders | VDOT | City of Portsmouth | City of Virginia Beach 


DOMA’s DX software can easily extract critical data from your shipping documents, customs forms, PODs (proof of delivery), and technical documents on vehicles. With instant access through the Cloud, you can have up to date information no matter where you find yourself. DOMA can help you streamline your record keeping and safely archive documents for trains, trucks, ships, planes and their operators. 


Norfolk Southern | Norfolk Airport Authority



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Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA ‘s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.
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