Case Study:
Department of Homeland Security

Project Scope

To learn more about this project or get in touch with the DHS department of Document Imaging and Translation Services, download the full brief. 

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Cost Savings

42% cost savings on hosting costs by migrating to the Cloud with DOMA.

Project Story

As a result of ICE’s law enforcement activities, special agents seize or detain a wide variety of documents and media. Document Imaging and Translation Services provide support in the preparation of evidence documents and media to be electronically (digitally) shared with applicable U.S. and opposing attorneys in the prosecution of cases.

DOMA has supported the DHS with intelligent data extraction, translation, and bates numbering to ensure data is accessible and organized prior to trial.

Project Highlights

  • OCR Scanning 
  • Digitization Data Extraction & Verification 
  • Data Entry
  • Data Redaction 
  • File Conversion 
  • Bates Numbering 
  • Document Translation

Final Outcome

DOMA continues to support DHS’ Document Imaging and Translation Services department. To take advantage of this partnership check out the full project brief for contact information and additional details. 

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