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Myth vs. Fact:
Automated Workflows

Learn the Truth when it comes to Automated Workflows

February 9, 2021

It seems that every year  our job responsibilities grow as tasks become more complex and nuanced. Mechanical processes that were easy to understand such as paper filing,  transcription, and proofreading are quickly being replaced by software robots and AI. Even outside of the office self-driving cars, AI enabled vacuuming robots, and software powered customer service reps are poised to make our lives both simpler and more complex, because let’s face it, a broom has a much smaller learning curve than a Roomba. 


What is a Workflow?

In order to cope with the complexities of technology and to make our workday run smoother we use workflows. A workflow is a series of tasks or sequential steps used to complete a process. For example, if you encounter a problem with your computer at work you can begin a workflow. You may email support, they will open a ticket, assign a technician to your case, and begin the process of troubleshooting the problem. Workflows are an essential part of almost every industry and can incorporate both digital and analog elements. They can be as simple as the few steps required to make a paper copy or as complex as building a fully realized marketing campaign.

Despite the fact that they are an important part of doing business there are a lot of misconceptions about automated workflows at work. In this blog we will explore a few myths about workflows and set the record straight. 

Manual workflows aren’t impacting our bottom line.

If you’ve ever fallen into the trap of “It’s just fast if I do it myself” you could be losing valuable time and money. It may seem faster to manually proofread or to organize and forward actionable email but in truth automated workflows can save you considerable money by giving you back your valuable time. Mundane tasks are necessary but they aren’t always profitable, so it makes sense you should be doing things that make the most impact. Additionally, digital workflows can increase insight into your processes, improve accountability, and provide insightful data that helps you fine-tune your business. Whether you’re a massive, global organization or a small, family owned brick and mortar business workflows can help you stay competitive. 

Workflows Eliminate the Need for Human Workers.

There is a pervasive fear that automation will completely eliminate the need for humans in the workplace and this is simply not true. The main advantage of automation is that it helps reallocate human labor to more complex, nuanced tasks or creative problem solving. Digital workflows are designed to make work easier and your team accomplish more with less time, not replace people entirely. These are not “set it and forget it” solutions; they empower people to do more dynamic work. 

Digital Workflows are only good for simple processes that are exactly the same every time.

This may have been true once, but technology has come a long way. Workflows can incorporate AI tools that can identify anomalies, divert processes to key stakeholders, and learn along the way. AI extends beyond simple if-then statements to first perceive patterns in data, then propose a course of action, and finally act on the decision made. 

While using automated workflows to eliminate very mundane tasks is a great idea, they can do so much more and have evolved to tackle much larger, more complex processes. 

Digital Workflows are Easy to Set Up On Your Own.

You may be able to define and enforce manual workflows pretty easily, but digital workflows can be a bit more complicated. There are many targeted software tools that can help you begin using automated workflows, but the challenge lies in applying these tools at scale. Before embarking on an automation journey you should take stock of what processes could benefit from automation, define responsibilities, and decide what key performance indications (KPIs) will define success for the programs these workflows will impact. If you need something customized to your business or want to apply workflows to larger processes it’s best to find a partnering organization that can build and apply the latest AI tools. Experience is key in building workflows that are effective, not intrusive, for your team. 

Why Invest in Automated, Digital Workflows?

Imagine if you have to complete every part of fufilling a work order manually. Physically walking to a warehouse to check stock, emailing your shipping team to let them know they needed to pull and pack the item, confirming the method of payment with accounting over the phone, checking the tracking at multiple stages of transit for the customer, forwarding the transit info to operations so they can track fulfillment times and analyze the process. In this world of manual workflows your day would be consumed by a million, boring but essential tasks. With automation you can keep key stakeholders informed, divert processes when necessary to the right departments, and track metrics without the need to manually interact at every stage. 

There are effective workflows for every industry including healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and more. You may surprised at what can be automated and how it can drastically improve your accuracy and effectiveness during the day. When implemented properly digital workflows can make a major impact on your business in both saved labor and improved services. The real power of workflows is that help your business scale and grow. 

How can DOMA help?

DOMA leverages intelligent automation to build the cutting edge workflows both internally and for our customers. We have the experience to take your business to the next level because we have tried and tested these methods within our own organization. 

About DOMA- Powered by Tech, Driven by People

DOMA Technologies (DOMA) was founded in 2000 as a Cloud-based document management company. Today DOMA delivers comprehensive solutions using the latest tools to help you collaborate with enterprise data. DOMA captures and transforms information through digital solutions using hyper-automation. Our data and document solutions pair traditional practices like scanning with advanced cloud technology to extract, convert, and visualize the data trapped in your documents. 

These services, along with the DOMA Experience (DX) software platform are designed to help support your organization’s Digital Transformation journey. With a considerable portfolio of governmenthealthcareeducation, and commercial business customers DOMA has the experience and infrastructure to deploy integrated solutions that address your business challenges with innovation. Contact DOMA to digitize your workflow; DOMA makes complex operations simple across a wide range of industries.

Director of Communication


Danielle Wethington
Director of Communications

Workflow Optimization

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