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Get Ready, Raleigh, DOMA Has Arrived

DOMA has arrived in Raleigh

DOMA Opens Second North Carolina Office in Raleigh

Growth, Careers, Tech Sector

This year has seen DOMA creating an abundance of jobs in the technology sector at both the entry and executive level. With a presence in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina DOMA has its sights on further expansion by 2021. As a part of this growth initiative DOMA is excited to announce that they have opened a new location in Raleigh, North Carolina. With offices in both Charlotte and now Raleigh, DOMA is making a conscious effort to establish hubs in forward-thinking cities and build up leaders from local talent. DOMA wants to promote the Southeast as a new nexus for technology growth and sees Raleigh and Charlotte as fertile ground for the next wave of tech giants.

DOMA Finds a Home at WeWork

To kick-off the new branch, members from DOMA’s Sales, Marketing, and Communication teams took part in an inaugural off-site meeting at Raleigh’s WeWork building. WeWork is a community office space that brings in business large and small from all over Raleigh and will serve as the home-base for DOMA’s Raleigh team. The workspaces incorporate both private offices and open communal areas designed to foster creativity, cross-pollination, and community connection. Transparent glass walls, eclectic furnishings, and playful extras (think free champagne and popsicles) create a warm, welcoming space infused with natural light. 

Much like DOMA’s Seahawk headquarters, it’s clear there was a conscious effort to inspire and motivate through design. WeWork’s bustling office space is the perfect incubator for DOMA’s developing Raleigh division. We are excited to see how DOMA can impact the local area and establish itself as a trusted source for Digital, Cloud, and Healthcare Information services.

The WeWork Lounge
The Rooftop Lounge at WeWork
Touring the Building
Huddle in the Lounge

Finding Inspiration at Glas Neon Design Studio

It wasn’t all work though, the DOMA team took part in a neon glassblowing demonstration and workshop at Glas. As one of only a few neon studios left in the US, Glas represents how true innovators in any industry can remain relevant even when technologies change. Nate Sheaffer, Glas’ founder, has been working with neon for over 30 years. Where once neon was a profitable trade in the United States, now much of the work has been outsourced overseas where logos and street signs can be produced quickly and cheaply. As a result, the loss of large-scale commercial work changed the supply chain for quality materials and required a complete shift in how many neon workers approached their medium. Like many other crafts and trade’s revival came by finding value in deploying neon as a creative outlet and an experience. Glas is a teaching facility, gallery, art factory and personal studio that thrives by re-imagining what neon can be and pushing the boundaries of craft as art.

There are lessons to be learned about adaptability and finding an audience for your services that go beyond the mediums of neon or paper. DOMA helps customers overcome the challenges that come with the increasing obsolescence of paper record keeping. Whether it involves neon signage or paper filing, running a successful business often requires reinvention. For both DOMA and Glas it’s about re-contextualizing challenges as an opportunity to innovate and grow. It’s only fitting for a technology company like DOMA to celebrate the pioneering spirit at Glas.

Glas Neon Studio
Inside the Workshop
DOMA's New Sign
Nate Sheaffer at Work
Cloud Data Maybe?
Ian Get's a Hands-On Demo
Ghost Anyone?

Insights From the Off-Site

The opportunity for the team to get together and really dig deep into what the future has in store for DOMA was invaluable. The team discussed how to build better synergy between marketing and sales and worked to create a priority map for future growth. The team returned to Virginia Beach from the Raleigh off-site with a renewed vision. In order to compete in a faster and more connected world, companies are re-thinking their workflow and migrating to more effective Cloud solutions like our DOMA DX Software. DOMA is excited to be extending our reach into a dynamic, new region. With our CRO, Anthony Malangone, leading the charge in Raleigh we have the utmost confidence we will reach the goals we have set for Vision 2021.

DOMA Abbreviated Logo

“We see ourselves as a startup backed by 20 years of experience. It seems contradictory to say we are both a new company and an established one; but it’s important to never lose the pioneering energy we had when we began. We like to view every day as ‘Day 1’ and carry that attitude into everything we do. Each day is a new day, and an opportunity to make DOMA better than the day before.”

Pat Feliciano


About DOMA

DOMA Technologies (DOMA) was founded in 2000 as a Cloud-based document management company. Today DOMA serves a diverse range of Federal and Commercial customers with customized business solutions that include Digital Conversion Services, Cloud Services, and Healthcare Information Services. DOMA specializes in creating holistic workflow solutions that simplify and automate business operations such as data capture, records/document retrieval, and electronic storage.

These services, along with our DOMA Experience (DX) software platform are designed to help support your organization’s Digital Transformation journey. A considerable portfolio of government, healthcare, education, and commercial business customers demonstrates that DOMA has the experience and infrastructure to deploy integrated solutions that make complex operations simple across a wide range of industries.

Contact DOMA to See How We Can Change Your Business

If you’re ready to get an estimate for a project, we invite you to contact us. We’ll talk to you about your project and create an estimate that addresses your requirements. Contact DOMA to start the conversation about your project now.

Learn More about DOMA’s Services:

DOMA Digital Services

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DOMA Healthcare Services

Interested in Joining the Team? Check our Vision and Job Postings:

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Media Contact:

Danielle Wethington 
Director of Communications

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