DOMA Welcomes New Web Designer
Tracey Wilder to the Marketing and Communications Team

DOMA Welcomes New Web Designer Tracey Wilder to the Marketing and Communications Team

Virginia Beach, VA, June 28, 2019 –

Tracey Wilder joins the DOMA to Help Implement New Web Strategy

In today’s digital landscape a company’s website typically serves as the first impression for new talent, potential customers, and partnering organizations. There are so many factors that affect how an effective website can be an asset in marketing, human resources, and community outreach. Over the past few years, DOMA’s website has been going through a lot of changes and challenges. In an effort to bring our web strategy into alignment with our goals for Vision 2021, DOMA is excited to welcome Tracey Wilder as our new Web Designer. 

Tracey has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and is the owner and founder of The Bladery, a weapon and armor inspired jewelry shop. Her interest in web development grew out of a need to market and sell her own product lines. In addition to working as a metalsmith, she began expanding her web skillset by developing eCommerce websites for other jewelers. Today she joins DOMA was a varied portfolio of both web development, graphic design, and social media marketing.

Tracey’s new role will see her guiding the direction of DOMA’s web strategy with a focus on balancing both the visual design and the need for effective search engine optimization (SEO). In her first few weeks at DOMA, she has already made a major impact by overhauling some back-end issues with the website. As part of DOMA’s upcoming Quick Quote campaign, she has been integral to the ongoing redevelopment of our menu, homepage, and landing pages.

Director of Communication

Danielle Wethington


“DOMA has been digging deep this year in order to re-think its marketing and communications strategy. Our website is a key component of how we will be communicating our vision and interacting with our customer base. Tracey will be working hard to drive meaningful and effective changes to both the functionality and look of our website”

Danielle Wethington


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Director of Communication


Danielle Wethington
Director of Communications

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