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Find Your Place in the Tech Space with DOMA Careers

Find Your Place in the Tech Space with
DOMA Careers

Find your place in the Tech Space with DOMA Careers

Find Your Place in the Tech Space with DOMA Careers

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Virginia Beach, VA, January 25, 2019 – DOMA Technologies has a vision for a vibrant future and we want you to be part of it! Founded in 2000, DOMA Technologies has grown into a leading provider of Enterprise Information and Data Management solutions for organizations nationwide. We provide innovative, scalable business solutions that serve a wide range of clients in healthcare, government, and the private sector. As DOMA enters its 19th year of growth we are seeking to expand our roster with a host of amazing, fresh talent.

A bright future in the technology sector comes with a welcome change in scenery for our prospective hires. DOMA’s new, open-concept facility blends artful design and cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic, collaborative workspace. Our employees are the heart of DOMA, and so we’ve built an inclusive corporate culture that fosters personal and professional growth. We are cultivating a stellar team of individuals who exemplify our values of Integrity, Innovation, Fun, & Community.


Integrity is key to both the services we provide our customers and the way we interact with one another at the office. We are proud of what we do and proud of where we work each day. DOMA’s goal is to create an environment where every member feels valued and as a result, strives to hold themselves to the highest standard.


DOMA is constantly evolving to conquer new challenges thanks to our team of active innovators. We are breaking down barriers to make our employees feel heard and to enable them to use their unique skillset to make an impact on DOMA’s vision for the future.


DOMA understands that fun fuels a productive workday and prevents burn out. Escape the grind with Food Truck Fridays, a refreshing brainstorming session, or a break-time battle at one of our gaming spaces.


Giving back has been an integral part of DOMA’s mission since our inception. We are prioritize investing in the community around us because that same community provides all of the amazing talents at DOMA. When we enrich the world around us by donating our time and resources, we gain a valuable perspective on why we do what we do at DOMA.

If you identify with these values, DOMA is seeking ambitious applicants like you to fill a variety of roles. Whether you are seeking an entry-level position or a senior role, there are always new opportunities being offered at DOMA. To see how you can join our team please visit one of the links below.

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“Beyond handling employee matters, DOMA HR strives to emphasize that employees matter! It is what sets DOMA apart.”

LaBarbara Vann

HR Manager

About Doma

Founded in 2000, DOMA Technologies has grown into a leading provider of enterprise information management and data and document management solutions for organizations nationwide. DOMA developed its Cloud-Based content services platform in-house. It is easy to use, highly configurable, secure, and rapidly deployable software is powered by Amazon Web Services.

DOMA’s information management strategies were born out of a long history of trusted business relationships in the private health IT market that has allowed them to formulate best practices for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and additional customers in the public sector.

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P.J. Yates

Director of Marketing



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